Our company

market in Oberweißbach

Wohnschmuck is a store in the Thuringian Forest. Our company is located in Oberweißbach, directly in the Thuringian region of glass blowers and china manufacturies. We sell handicrafted products for your home in Internet and appear also with our brand WSBock. Our articles are made by self-employed master craftsmen, small crafts enterprises and manufacturies. They are often traditionally produced, handmade and typical for their region.

We see us as professional distribution partner, combining the modern sales place internet with traditional production. We run a store in internet with international customer service on one hand and focus on taking small amounts of handmade products, sometimes unicums, from craftsmen on the other hand. To cope the demands in the best way we offer the dialog with customers as well as presentation of goods, packing, shipping and after sales service.

We want to contribute that our customers can rummage in a huge range of products and that our distributors can devote their efforts fully to their craftmanship.